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Capcom's Play System 2 Decryption Team.
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CPS-2 Security reprogramming.
For a long time in the background people have been working on a method to reprogram the CPS-2 security chips. It was known for a few months that there was success but testing continued.
Today Arcade Hacker has released a guide on the process. Big contratulations to everyone who helped with the project, its a great success. Finally people have a method to fully reprogram dead CPS-2 PCBs to the Capcom spec (battery required) if they do not wish to use the phoenix edition method (no battery required).
For more information see Arcade Hackers blog.


Kawaks v1.65 released
A new kawaks build available adding support for the Crossed Swords 2 CD conversion and more. Get this latest version from the downloads page.


New CPS-2 Suicide Tester
Given the new discovery CPS-2 boards can run in a degraded state, I have updated our small suicide test tool to include the small test to check for it.
Download the new version right here.
Suicide CPS2 Game Board Tester v2


CPS-2 and voltage
Many years ago there were rumours and some saying CPS-2 phoenix edition sets (suicide free CPS-2 games) did not run at the same speed as the original encrypted games. At the time this was tested and it was proven not to be the case. Recently this issue surfaced again and I decided it deserved a second look.
Through testing done so far its been discovered when a CPS2 system is not receiving enough power it can run in a degraded state. The 68K CPU is tested and results on such systems show a measureable difference in the expected results. The results show it is possible under the right conditions for games to run differently than the normally expected state.
A voltage tweek is reported to be all that is needed to rectify the situation.
Testing is currently ongoing but if you would like more information, or would like to test your CPS2 setup head over to the following;


Kawaks v1.64 released
I made a new kawaks build adding many new clone games, see included whats new. Get this latest version from the downloads page.


Darksoft releases new CPS3 ISO's
As the title says Darksoft has released some new ISOs for those wanting to play games on CPS3 hardware using a cartridge with a dead battery.


CPS3 can use standard SH2
Despite what some people said darksoft has finally shown CPS-3 carts can work with a standard SH-2 CPU. What this means is all CPS-3 games have been put on a single CD and can all be played via a single CPS-3 cart.


Kawaks v1.63 released
Put together a new kawaks adding many new clone games.... Too much to show here, see included whats new. Get this latest version from the downloads page.


CPS3 suicide free = DONE!!
Like all things its only a matter of time after someone puts the effort into it that these things happen. And that person is Darksoft and Co. As expected it will end up with one suicide free cart to play any of the six games. Big contratulations to you guys!!


New CPS2 information.
idc/Team Avalaunch have provided pictures of the last peice of hardware in the CPS2 encryption key upload process. All that remains is to get all the parts together and working out how to attach it to the game PCB. My understanding is the wiring is missing.
PDA Picture 1
PDA Picture 2
PDA Picture 3
PDA Picture 4
PDA hardware pictures (2,633kb)


New CPS2 information.
Some light has finally been shed on how the encryption keys are uploaded to CPS2 'b' boards. Hardware required is a PDA, cards of 128kb in size that hold the encryption key and a device that attaches to the 'b' board. I have been passed pictures of the PDA and cards but as yet have no picture of the last peice of hardware.
Some Security Cards
PDA and Security Card pictures (1,221kb)


Lost Email
Can the person who sent me an Email today relating to an all in one black MVC CPS2 board please email their message again. My ISP's online email client had a glitch and the message was lost.


CPS3 game conversion tool
Darksoft has now created a tool which will allow you to convert CPS3 games so they will boot with any working protection cart of a different title.


CPS3 suicide free a small step closer
I have reveived information from Darksoft who claims to have reworked a warzard ISO so it boots using a 'working' SF3 cart. The process involved decrypying the game data, reworking the crc check information and patching out protection. Finally it's all encrypted again using the SF3 keys. He has put a YouTube video up to show his work.
If this pans out it will mean being able to play all 6 CPS3 games using a single working CPS3 cart.


Kawaks v1.62 released
Thought it was about time for an update to Kawaks...
  • New drivers:
    • X-Men: Children of the Atom (Japan 950105)
    • X-Men: Children of the Atom (Hispanic 950105)
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Hispanic 980629)
    • Giga Wing (Hispanic 990222)
    • Eco Fighters (Hispanic 931203)
    • Dungeons and Dragons: ToD (Hispanic 940113)
    • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Korean version)
    • Quiz Daisousa Sen: Last Count Down (Korean version)
    • Quiz King of fighters (Korean version)
    • Final Fight (Japan hack)
    • Biaofeng Zhanjing (Chinese bootleg)
    • Dinosaur Hunter (Chinese bootleg)
    • Pang! 3 (Euro 950601)
    • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Thunder Edition)
  • Changed Ironclads C and P ROM makeup to how its suspected they would have been on a real MVS cart.
  • Fixed incorrect ROM sizes in KODB and WOFHFH.
  • Fixed KNIGHTS and clones ROM names to match MAME.
  • Fixed HSF2J ROMs to match MAME.
Get this latest version from the downloads page.


Kawaks v1.61 released
Happy new year everybody, another year.... Another new update to Kawaks...
  • New drivers:
    • Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow o Mystara (His 960223)
    • Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom (His 940412)
    • Super Street Fighter II: New Challengers (His 930911)
    • Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge (Asia 950302)
    • Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (Hispanic 960712)
    • Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Hispanic 940818)
    • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Hispanic 960529)
    • Hyper Street Fighter II (US 040202)
    • Mighty! Pang (Euro 000925)
    • Pae Wang Jeon Seol - Legend of a Warrior (Korean v.)
    • Saulabi Spirits: Jin Saulabi Tu Hon (Korean version)
    • Saulabi Spirits: Jin Saulabi Tu Hon (Korean v. set 2)
    • Baseball (Stars Professional (set 2)
    • Ironclad (Wii conversion)
    • Metal Slug 4 (set 2)
    • Street Fighter II' - Champ Edition (Double K.O. Turbo II)
    • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (TAB Austria bl)
    • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Quicken Pt-I)
    • Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Accelerator)
    • Knights of the Round (World 911127, bootleg)
    • Forgotten Worlds (World)
    • Lost Worlds (Japan older)
  • Fixed '000-lo.lo' to report its correct size when creating a DAT.
  • Fixed freeze in Magician Lord when entering high score.
  • updated some NeoGeo ROMs to match MAME (0.136).
  • Renamed some clone sets to match MAME (0.136).
Get this latest version from the downloads page.


Kawaks v1.60 released
Happy belated new year everybody...
  • New drivers:
    • Giga Wing (Brazil 990222)
    • Armored Warriors (US 940920)
    • Capcom Sports Club (Euro 971017)
    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Euro 960229)
    • Mighty! Pang (Euro 001010)
    • Marvel Vs. Capcom (Euro 980123)
    • Ghost Pilots (alternate set)
    • Samurai Shodown (alternate set)
    • Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Rainbow set 3)
    • Dynasty Wars (US set 2)
    • Final Fight (Japan 900112)
    • Sangokushi II: Huo Fenghuang (Chinese bootleg)
    • Three Wonders (World 910520 hack ?)
  • Added service mode button to CPS2 games.
  • Removed decrypted M ROMs from NeoGeo sets.
  • Changed SFZ2A naming and parenting to match MAME.
  • Changed 'Muscle Bomber Duo' parenting to match MAME.
  • Changed various CPS2, CPS1 and NeoGeo ROM names to match MAME (0.129).
Get this latest version from the downloads page.


Repairing dead CPS-2 games
A few people have asked recently if I still do the phoenix fixes for CPS2 games. The answer is yes so if you are intrested please look though our suicide page

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Capcom's Play System 2 Decryption Team.
W.I.P. Status CPS-2 Specs CPS Suicide Encryption Game List
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