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News from December 1999

Well it's the last day of 1999, lets hope we can get CPS-2 emulated in 2000. All of us here at CPS2Shock want to wish you a great new year and say, party Party PARTY!

After two days of drawing and explanations I have finally finished a page showing you how to build the joysticks I designed including parts needed, it can be reached here.
Build Your Own Arcade Joysticks

Eventually this page will contain a step by step process on how to build a complete JAMMA test rig which these joysticks are a part of. Thanks for all your responses on these sticks which lead me to do the above page.

I now own a Street Fighter Zero game board ('B' board only) and I'm in the process of building a JAMMA test rig better known as a Nova System or Super Gun, look to the WIP page for the progress of this including pictures. This will be used to run the game (or any other JAMMA game) so I can start my next plan of attack to break the encryption. I may include a new page here with the parts needed, wood sizes and instructions on how to build one, if you think it would be a good idea please let me know.
I have also scanned the Street Fighter Zero manual I received with the game and its available for download from the game list page, if you print this it will give the same quality as the original. If anyone one would like to send me a CPS-2 manual so I can scan it with the same quality please let me know, of course all manuals will be returned. You can even scan them yourself and email them to me but please let me know first as there are things that can be done to improve the scan quality.
Nothing else to report right now and I'm going away for the next few days to enjoy the festive spirit. I hope Santa brings me a book on how to break CPS-2 encryption in five simple steps :)
We wish everyone in #CPS2shock & #Retrogamers on EFnet, Emulation Authors & ROM Dumpers, and of course You our visitors a Very Happy Christmas and 1900..... grrrr that Y2k bug gets everywhere new year.
Also a special thank you to OverClocked for bringing some humor back into the emulation scene after all the dirt got spread in the earlier parts of the year.

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Capcom's Play System 2 Decryption Team.
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