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News from January 2000

I'm in the process of adding a links page so if you would like your site to be added please email details with URL and small site description. We are only looking for sites with CPS-2 or JAMMA content at this time.

NAZ updated his CPS-2 FAQ to v1.77, download it here.
Download NAZ's FAQ Version 1.77

Pages are again updated to include the new information and I have also released a new CLRmame Pro DAT file which you can also download here.
Download DAT file Version 1.77

Big thanks go to Grendal74 for the ROMcenter DAT, he's worked hard to get it finished so go and grab it.
Download ROMcenter DAT file Version 1.77

Well we have hit the 100,000 mark so I have decided to release a CLRmame Pro DAT file to bring any CPS-2 ROM dumps you own in line with NAZ's FAQ v1.71.
Download DAT file Version 1.71

For those who use the ROMcenter manager instead a DAT file should be available within the next few days.
An update has been made to the WIP page regarding the JAMMA test rig and I've updated our Vampire Savior 2 screenshots with better ones on our game list page.
One last thing to point out is the fact that our mail Email address has been changed, it is now the following;

NAZ has updated his CPS-2 FAQ removing some errors and adding more information. The new version (v1.71) can be downloaded here. It turned out the Marvel Vs. Capcom ROM mentioned in our last update was correct, so only one ROM was wrong and not two as thought.

Yesterday NAZ released his long awaited CPS-2 FAQ which can be downloaded here. I would publicly like to thank NAZ for all the time and effort he has put into this FAQ which brings us all more information on CPS-2.
I have spent all day updating our pages to incorporate this new information, especially ROM CRC's on our game list page. There were two ROM's listed that had bad CRC's confirmed by the FAQ, ROM 12 from Street Fighter Alpha 3 & ROM 11 from Marvel Vs. Capcom.

We decided to move CPS2Shock off Geoshock to a new home. A big thanks go to Atila of Retrogames for hosting us and Haze for hosting the site at Geoshock in the past.
You will notice the site now has banners so please click them to show your gratitude to our new hosts. Banners are temporarily placed at the top of every page until I make slight html adjustments to incorporate them better.
I feel the need to point out again the fact that we are working on CPS-2 encryption as well as trying to provide you as much knowledge on general CPS-2 hardware and games possible. The instructions for building joystick's ( here ) and the future inclusion of instructions to build a JAMMA test rig to go with them will be hosted here, this equipment can be used to run original CPS-2 games.
One other update to the site includes screenshots of Armored Warriors added on our game list page.

The CPS-2 RockMan 2 ROM's have appeared thanks to Naz so I've added the checksum's to the game list page. Also added are a few new screenshots for Dungeons & Dragons, Super Street Fighter 2, X-Men Vs Street Fighter and DarkStalkers. The old shots were removed.

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