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The Callus95 Patch Homepage
A version of Street Fighter Zero has been added using Qsound. The game has been reversed engineered to add back many sounds Capcom removed from the CPS Changer version. We also added in the missing Qsound logo screen as you can see from the screenshot below.
Street Fighter Zero/Alpha (Multi, CPS Qsound Hack)  

Forgotten Worlds is added alone with the Japanese version Lost Worlds and a new Joystick / Keyboard handler to allow full rotation using buttons 2 and 3. The scrolling is also correct with no graphic errors.
Forgotten Worlds (USA)  

Forgotten Worlds (USA)  

Another game in although other patch programs allowed it is Street Fighter Alpha. No patching to ROM's is needed, just run the executable. All buttons also work in this patch release with pause mapped to F12.
Street Fighter Zero (USA, CPS Changer)  

Street Fighter Zero (USA, CPS Changer)  

Pang3 is added. This game is on CPS-1 Hardware but is written by Mitchell and not Capcom. Also added is the European version for those who can't read Japanese. This game was a real pain to get working correctly.
Pang! 3 (Japan, Mitchell)  

Pang! 3 (Euro, Mitchell)  

We also managed to get King of Dragons bootleg working. This game isn't currently working in MAME due to Sprites not showing and no music.
King of Dragons, The (bootleg)  

Many Street Fighter II variants are added along with this one below which needed a new Joystick / Keyboard handler to allow buttons 3 to 6 to work.
Street Fighter II' C.E. (USA 920513)  

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