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News from November 1999

Since the troubles D-Zine has had trying to understand the hardware side, he is now going to focus on other projects rather than CPS-2. I am still carrying on with this project as there are many avenues I can take in breaking the encryption but more on those in the near future. I wish D-Zine luck in his future endeavors.

Not allot to report right now but I felt I should update the page to let you know we are all still alive, I also added a few screenshots of 19XX on our game list page.

The W.I.P page has been updated with the main find being the fact that there is a 68000 CPU on the game board as well as the motherboard, some other findings are reported also. In obtaining this information four working CPS-2 game boards were killed leaving us with none working at present. This means progress may slow down for a little while until we regenerate our stocks.
If anyone has any info on the Capcom PL programmer used for CPS-2 we would like to see it, if you own one we would love to borrow it. Please email us if you can help.
A few more chips are also pointed out for you on the motherboard and can be found on our updated technical specifications page.
In other news I've added a rare CPS-2 game to our game list. It's called Capcom Sports Club and consists of three different games in one (like Wonder Three CPS-1). The three games are; Dunk Stars (Basketball 3on3), Smash Stars (Tennis) and Kick Stars (Mini Soccer).

Our CPS-2 Specification page has been updated to include JAMMA and Extra Button pin outs. I have also replaced flyers for Marvel Vs. Capcom and Marvel Super Heroes with better one's on the game list page.

I've begun to add the game manuals to our Game list page but there are many still missing. If you have any can you please scan them making sure the reverse side does not show through and mail them to me (Raz) so I can get them online. Also added are a few more flyers that have been sent in, please keep all your pics coming and don't forget we need good quality screenshots also.

I've finally added screenshots and flyers to the Game list page and want to thank [NGF] for supplying the pics and his help. There are gaps that need to be filled and quality isn't good in many cases. If there is a CPS-2 game in your local arcade some new screenshots would be much appreciated, especially if you own a digital camera. If you can help then please send your pics and flyers to me at.

I have also updated the Specs page pointing out a few more chips on the motherboard. We can also confirm the 68000 Processor is custom and running at 16 Mhz.

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Capcom's Play System 2 Decryption Team.
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