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News from October 1999

After an email message was sent out by Sebastian Hernandez asking for web space we felt we had some to offer... Well one thing lead to another and we are pleased to announce The CPS Patch Center is now hosted along side us here. Get there by clicking the above link.

I made a small error in the encrypted data I updated yesterday ( here ) but this is now fixed. If you got the data please reload the page and get it again.

I've updated report four ( here ) to include a few more numbers in the encrypted $00 data I compiled. If your examining the old data I suggest you update it as the largest data block has grown from 150 to 254 bytes.
I have also updated the checksums on the game list page. This includes redesigning the way ROM's are named and merging ROM's where possible. I'm not saying this is going to be the ways the ROM's will be named once CPS-2 is emulated, but it makes things a little easier than they are at present.

It looks like the color of the game board depicts the language rather than the country of release as previously thought. I have updated our pages to reflect this but we are still unsure about the language used on Gray boards, any info on this would be appreciated.
30,000 plus visitors...... WOW thanks everyone.

I've updated the W.I.P page with my current status, and decided to take a break for a day from examining the $00 encrypted tables. Instead I've been busy getting a new report finished showing the 68000 vector tables for all the ROM's I've been comparing. You can get to this new report here or from the bottom of the encryption page.
I have also removed Street Fighter the Movie (Incredible Technologies) from the game list page as we now know this is not a standard CPS-2 game.
Oh we do have fun in #CPS2Shock sometimes, just take a look at this from a few days ago.

I've updated the W.I.P page to reflect what I have found and have also posted the tables in report four on the encryption page. Go get your cryptography programs ready, I don't think you will have better data to feed them than this.
Updated our game list a little and added checksums, if you know checksums not shown please send them in.
I'm beginning to doubt the Orange South American game boards exist... If you know any games released please send in a list, or any info you may have on this format.

It's 1AM and I've found over 160 bytes of blank data ($00) in sequential order that is encrypted in the CPS-2 version of Street Fighter Zero / Alpha. I haven't had time to look at it properly yet, but I have confirmed that it's there. This could shed some real light on the encryption routines and could easily show patterns. This is not program code. More info shortly. Razoola.

Big update on the W.I.P page. As you will see I've been very busy working on my comparing between the different revisions of Street Fighter Zero. We've had over 12,000 visitors already and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing this info with you.

Small update to the W.I.P page. Things are going well.
I also want to point out that although their work is good, we have nothing to do with the  CPS Patch Center .

I've updated the encryption page to show my findings after some comparing between the program ROM's of Street Fighter Zero, Street Fighter Alpha and the CPS Changer version of Street Fighter Zero. This Information shows that some code is the same in all ROM's even though the CPS-2 code is encrypted.
We have also heard from a very good source that South American CPS-2 game boards are available and colored Orange. A list of known games in this color format would be nice. I've updated our game list page to reflect this along with a few other updates here and there.

Well what do you think??? As you can see I've spent the last week designing a new web page here at CPS2Shock. The new pages are designed to make everything simple and easy to follow. It's been quite a rush job so if you see any spelling mistakes, typing errors or your are having trouble seeing these pages in your web browser... Please send me a Email and I'll try and sort it out.

This is an open project. Our Finding will be posted here and shared for you all to see. We are running the project this way so in the event of our efforts being unsuccessful, someone else may just find this information useful especially if they own CPS-2 boards. If anyone would like to contribute any information or would like to help out in anyway then please send an Email to the following address.

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