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News from July 2002


Nebula v2.19a released
Updated Nebula again...
  • PGM:
    • Fixed gfx glitches in Dragon World 2.
    • Fixed zooming (very noticeable in dragwld2 intro).
    • Fixed missing parts of some sprites (KOV flashes).
  • CPS1:
    • Fixed some remaining music speeds...
    • Fixed Garou missing animations (some Grant moves).
    • Select button should be working in all games now.
    • Added the game slot switch button to switch games forwards (9=switch backwards, 0=switch forwards).
    • Fixed (hopefully) Romcenter Dat generation.
Grab this new version from our downloads page.


Nebula v2.19 released
Elsemi has updated Nebula again...
  • PGM:
    • Added Dragon World 2 (it has some gfx glitches due to some missing parts in the protection emulation).
    • Text layer should now be correctly aligned.
  • CPS2:
    • Fixed ssf2xj timing that was still wrong.
    • Added neogeo multislot MVS emulation.
      Usage: In the rom loading screen, you'll see a dropbox to select in which neogeo slot you want to load the game. Just select the slot and hit load, then after loading a game, you can go and load another in a different (or the same, overriding it) slot. Note that you'll need a lot of RAM to hold all games in memory at the same time. To switch from game to game, use the button mapped as Button 5 in the input options (default key 0) The current bios supports 4 game slots. The default bios config only allows to switch games after inserting a coin. To change it, press F2, go to "set the soft dips", then "setting the cabinet", and change "Game selection" to "Free".
      Using savestates with multislot games may have unpredictable results.
Grab this new version from our downloads page.


Nebula v2.18b released
Elsemi has put yet another updated Nebula out there...
  • CPS1:
    • Fixed slow music in some games (megaman, pang3).
    • Fixed z80 timing, noticeable in long samples (Dandy J stage in wakuwak7).
Elsemi has also updated his great Jukebox music player to version 2.4. Both can be found on our downloads page.


Nebula v2.18a released
Elsemi has repacked the latest build of Nebula with the latest games relocked again. Personally I think this is a very wise and good decision. Here's what's new...
    • Fixed mslug3nd driver crashing nebula.
    • Fixed kof99d driver. now it loads the decrypted C roms instead of the prototype roms.
    • I've had to change the locking policy again. I've been contacted about the legal problems that having those games enabled could have, so I had to definitely lock them again and they will remain locked till those games are 1 year old. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this have caused, and encourage all emulation sites that have the 2.18a package that overwrite it with this. I hope you understand that I don't like to be involved in legal problems and I don't like to see nebula discontinued.
Grab this new version from our downloads page.


Nebula v2.18 released
Elsemi has been busy again, here's what's new...
  • PGM:
    • Improved volume (checked with Z80 volume tables).
    • Improved music speed (thanks to BillyJr).
    • Fixed some wrong objects in KOV.
  • CPS1:
    • Fixed music speed in some games (still some remaining).
    • Dipswitches in CPS1 games were wrong. They should be correct now (dips are changed in the Cheats menu).
    • Fixed some sprite clipping problems.
  • CPS2:
    • Added Vampire Hunter 2 and the rest of the latest CPS2Shock releases.
    • Fixed garou select button.
    • Fixed garou 3rd Terry stage bg anim (requires rasters).
    • Fixed garou random character selection.
    • Fixed sound in ssidekicks4 and neobomberman.
    • Improved raster emulation with info from the real HW.
    • Now nebula won't complain about wrong ng-lo.rom files.
    • Fixed sound problems ninja combat, ninja commando and others. Big thanks to Acho A. Tang.
    • Fixed KOF94 Japan stage intro.
    • Recent neogeo games have been locked. You should go to an arcade if you want to play them.
    • Fixed kof2knd C7 rom (seems that only I had that rom).
    • Added an additional sengoku3 romset for the new P1 (it's not clear what's the correct one).
    • ND romsets no longer use the encrypted P roms, they are fully decrypted.
    • Added an option to auto switch to Fullscreen after loading a ROM (Misc menu).
    • Corrected Nebulaconfig looping in the options screen.
Grab this new version from our downloads page.
There is a more recent version of Nebula (2.18a). As this allows playing of very very recent games (3 months old) I have decided not to host it here at CPS2shock. Nebula v2.18 will be the last version hosted here until the games are deemed old enough. If you want more recent versions you will need to get them direct from Nebulas homepage.


CPS2mame v2.61 released
I have updated CPS2mame based on yesterdays MAME release though nothing is new than what's already there. Grab this new version from our downloads page.


Calice32 v0.6.2 released
David Raingeard has released a new version of Calice adding yesturdays XOR releases. The new version can be found on our downloads page.


Release 092
Dedicated to Dr. MAD the donator.
Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
D&D: Shadow over Mystara (USA 960619)
These files are not ROM's in any way, they simply
allow encrypted ROM's to be non-encrypted.

Release 093
Dedicated to walk the donator.
Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers Revenge
Vampire Hunter 2 (Japan 970913)
These files are not ROM's in any way, they simply
allow encrypted ROM's to be non-encrypted.

Release 094
Dedicated to GorZerK, a cash donator.
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
MSH Vs. Street Fighter (USA 970827)
These files are not ROM's in any way, they simply
allow encrypted ROM's to be non-encrypted.

Kawaks v1.44a released
Kawaks has been updated too, here's what's new...
  • New drivers:
    • Dungeons and Dragons: SOM (US 960619)
    • Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (US 970827)
    • Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers Revenge (Japan 970913)
    • Sengoku 3
    • Sengoku 3 (Decrypted Cs)
    • Zuppapa
    • Zuppapa (Decrypted Cs)
    • V Liner
    • Street Fighter II' (YYC)
  • New blending effect: Motion blur.
  • Support for the Savage Reign V2 rom redump.
  • Changed NeoGeo romsets to the latest MAME conventions.
  • Added menu items to control fullscreen resolution.
  • Added menu items to task priority level in Misc menu.
  • Fixed Quiz & Dragons (Japan) (CPS1).
  • Fixed Use transparencies option not beeing saved in INI.
  • Set Kawaks to use High task priority by default (was Normal).
  • In netplay Multitask friendly is forced OFF (reduces desync).
Get the latest version from the Kawaks homepage.

If you are a Nebula user you can download the updated CPS2.DAT from here. Simply place it in you 'romdata' directory overwriting the one already there.
No CPS2mame this time, I feel its best to wait until after the next mame release due to raster effects being added.

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