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News from July 2001


A.C.E. v1.2b released
A.C.E. ( homepage ) has had yet another update and now works in 16bpp as well as 32bpp. I can also now run it on my system and it isn't bad at all, I suggest you check it out. Download the new version on our downloads page.


A.C.E. v1.2a released
A.C.E. has had another update with the author reporting the emulator now runs at full speed on 450mhz PC's. Im still having trouble with the emulator (due to my mouse pointer becoming invisable) but this emu is looking very promising. Grab the new version on our downloads page.


A.C.E. v1.2 released
A new A.C.E. ( homepage ) has been released in what's described as the *speedup* release. Qsound is now also emulated although I can't the emulator running at all. If you wanna try the new version is on our downloads page.
FinalBurn v0.123 released
Dayvee ( homepage ) has released FinalBurn v0.123, the compiled vesion of the source code he released a few days ago. Grab the new version on our downloads page.

LogiqX ( homepage ) has updated his CPS-2 verify dat's to include our latest XOR releases of a few days ago and the new dumps by Xacrow ( homepage ). You can get the new dat's on our downloads page.


Release 046 & 047
Dedicated to walk & xacrow.
Super Muscle Bomber: The International Blowout
Super Muscle Bomber (Japan 940831)
Super Muscle Bomber (Japan 940808)
These files are not ROM's in any way, they simply
allow encrypted ROM's to be non-encrypted.


Release 048
Dedicated to walk the donator.
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes (Japan 951024)
These files are not ROM's in any way, they simply
allow encrypted ROM's to be non-encrypted.


Kawaks v1.14 released
Mr. K has also done yet another massive update to this great emulator. You can now program keys (via macros) to do super moves etc. Here's what's new (edited).
  • Totally new macro system. You can create your own complex macros. You can assign a special move, or even a combo to a simple key !
  • Various optimisations (tile functions, Z80 core).
  • Replaced Super2xSai blitter by ASM counterpart, which requires MMX but is over twice as fast.
  • Replaced scanlined 2xSai blitter by an ASM 75% scanlines 2xSai which looks damn good.
  • Fixed flickering issues when in fullscreen.
  • Hopefully fixed MMX blitters which crashed for some people. They should now be faster too.
  • Hopefully fixed CPS2 savestates bugs.
  • Implemented savestates for CPS1.
  • Redid controler code ready for future features.
  • Hopefully fixed bug in the Redefine Keys dialog box that caused the key redefinitions to loop.
  • Fixed BgHi issue (Sodom stage in Final Fight).
  • Fixed SF2 - The World Warrior (Japan 910214).
  • Fixed some CPS1 sprite/background sync issues.
  • Fixed bugs in Carrier Air Wing.
  • Fixed Dai Makai-Mura (Ghouls and Ghosts).
  • Fixed sound for Pang!.
  • SSF2 Tournament Battle will now display Terminal Check unless you enable normal play in test menu.
  • New drivers :
    • Super Muscle Bomber (Japan 940831)
    • Super Muscle Bomber (Japan 940808)
    • Marvel Super Heroes (Japan 951024)
  • Some ZIP names change:
    • sfzu.03a, sfz.04a, sfzux.03a from SFA.ZIP form a new clone SFAU.ZIP
The new version can be found at the Kawaks homepage.

I have not updated CPS2mame this time around due to changes taking place in the main source. It will be better to wait until the next MAME release.
Finally, new Nebula DATS supporting the new release's can be found as always on our downloads page.


Nebula v1.6a released
Elsemi has released a bigfixed Nebula correcting...
  • Hanging after loading in fast computers.
  • Most CPS1 sound problems fixed.
  • Vert scanlines & HW blit no MMX are now in.
  • Ghouls'n Ghosts black square problems fixed.
  • Most CPS1 QSound game clones are working now.
  • Added Street Fighter 2 World Warrior and clones.
  • I forgot to mention in the last version that I fixed the sound pitch and playing speed.
The new version can be found on our downloads page.
Dayvee (Finalburn) has released the source code of his discontinued but still great CPS-2 emulator. Head over to the FinalBurn Homepage for more information.


5 Million Visitors
CPS2shock was born in September 1999 and without the support of donators CPS-2 emulation would most likely still be a dream of the future. For this everyone who has donated should give themselves a nice pat on the back. Many Thanks from the CPS2shock team.
We do still need donations to help fund returning boards etc so if you have not donated and would like to help out please visit our donations page (link above).

Nebula v1.6 released
Elsemi has released Nebula v1.6 adding the much wanted netplay support and more, just take a look at this list.
  • Fixed CPS1 background color selection.
  • Added most CPS1 games (some still missing).
  • Added more dipswitches.
  • Fixed some CPS1 gfx glitches.
  • Faster rotated games (thanks Mr K :) ).
  • Much faster scanline modes and 2xZoom.
  • Added new blitters: Super2xSaI, 2xSaISuperEagle, 2xSai 75% scanlined (thanks Mr K :) ).
  • Fixed Eagle support, was broken some time ago.
  • Added an AutoAnalyze option in the NEBULA.INI file to avoid nebula analyzing romsets on startup.
  • Added the Default option in Cheat files.
  • Sounds in the GUI.
  • SFZ3 characters & backgrounds animations fixed.
  • PrioEngine removed from nebula.ini (not needed).
  • And lots changes that I can't remember...
The new version can be found at Nebulas Homepage.


Kawaks v1.13 released
Holy moses yet another Kawaks release, the main new addition I feel people will like is Nebula cheat support.
  • New frameskip code, better on slower computers.
  • Added Nebula cheat support. 100% compatible :)
  • Added features to search for new cheats.
  • Replaced 2xSai and SuperEagle blitters by ASM counterparts. Require MMX but twice as fast.
  • Modified ADPCM so it's mono (the way it should be) and a bit softer to avoid static.
  • Added new options for correct windowed aspect ratio and full screen aspect ratio.
  • New option to save current keys to defaultkeys.ini
  • Suppressed the NoSound flag.
  • Added Pang! 3 (Euro). Has lousy sound, however...
  • Better sound for Final Fight and Strider.
  • Fixed Carrier Air Wing palette.
  • Fixed a sprite clipping issue in CPS1 games.
  • Fixed HotRod Player 2 keys.
  • Fixed Capcom Sports Club button 3.
The new version can be found at the Kawaks homepage.


Kawaks v1.12 released
The sound issue sould REALLY be fixed now... Get the updated version from the Kawaks homepage.
Kawaks v1.11 released
At last the sound issue what's been annoying everyone looks to be fixed, here's what's new (edited)...
  • That bad evil sound issue should be fixed now :))
  • Modified autoframeskip code to adapt to new timing system. Should be better too, now.
  • Added system to autodetect sprite masking.
  • Fixed Street Fighter Zero - CPS Changer.
  • Macros for Player 2 3 and 4 (Defaultkeys.ini).
  • New blitter: Zoom 2x software (no blur effect).
  • Fixed xmvsf hang when fight against Apocalypse.
  • Faster loading for Capcom Sports Club.
  • Correct the CRCs for Capcom Sports Club XORs.
  • New function to redraw the current frame without the on screen messages. Handy fort screenshots.
  • Added a few background colors in the menu.
  • Added Zoom 100%/200%/300% in the menu.
  • Made the Reset key redefinable.
  • The usual batch of comestic changes :)
The new version can be found at the Kawaks homepage.


ACE v1.1 released
Another newish emulator gets CPS-2 support. ACE (Another Capcom Emulator) can now play some CPS-1 and CPS-2 games and is open source. The new version can be downloaded from The ACE homepage.


Release 043
Dedicated to Dang_Spot the donator.
Super Street Fighter 2: The Tournament Battle
Super Street Fighter 2: TB (ETC 931119)
These files are not ROM's in any way, they simply
allow encrypted ROM's to be non-encrypted.


Release 044 & 045
Dedicated to...
walk, Fogueman, Corvus, Koiote, pos_ch, GuErRa, Cybertoy, Ramafan, Kaervek, Indeep, bcn123456, Bad_CRC and finally Miyamoto.

Capcom Sports Club
Capcom Sports Club (Japan 970722)
Capcom Sports Club (Aisa 970722)
These files are not ROM's in any way, they simply
allow encrypted ROM's to be non-encrypted.


New versions of CPS2mame, the Nebula DATS and LogiqX verify DAT's supporting these new release's can be found on our downloads page.
Also Kawaks v1.10 has been released, here's what's new (edited) in this fast developing CPS-1 / CPS-2 emulator.
  • Added option to disable individual sprite layers.
  • Added Hotrod autoconfiguration in Game menu.
  • Added option to disable all keyboard shortcuts.
  • Unassigned keys 0 to 9.
  • Sound fixed in Punisher, Cadillac & Dinosaurs, Warriors of fate (broken in 1.09).
  • Modified 68000 core, which allows new VRAM code. Fixes gfx glitches and gives a speed boost.
  • Added sprite priorities and masking (CPS-2).
  • Suppressed the "Show only available sets" option.
  • Fixed the overclock functionnality (broken in 1.09).
  • New drivers :
    • Capcom Sports Club (Japan 970722)
    • Capcom Sports Club (Asia 970722)
    • Capcom World 2 (Japan) (CPS1)
    • SSF2: The Tournament Battle (ETC 931119)
The new version can be found at the Kawaks homepage.


Kawaks v1.09 released
Heres an out take of what's new.
  • 1.08 was a lot slower than previous releases due to the new VRAM lag code. I've optimised that code and more so 1.09 should be as fast as 1.07.
  • Optimised 2xSai, Super2xSai, SuperEagle blitters.
  • Added a scanlined 2xSai blitter (faster than 2xSai).
  • Added a DisableJoystick option, since joystick management is a performance hit.
  • Fixed "Show if available" crash.
  • Support for default generic key settings.
  • Alt+A toggles Autoframeskip.
The new version can be found at the Kawaks homepage.


Kawaks v1.08 released
This emu just keeps getting better & better, just take a look at some of the new features in this version (edited).
  • Fixed Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520).
  • Added option to display only available romsets.
  • Fixed YM2152 tempo but there are still bugs.
  • Fixed QSound tempo, faster music and synced.
  • Overclocked CPS2 games to 12.8MHz (instead of theorical 11.8MHz). This fixes many glitches. It's likely the 11.8MHz errors are due to timing errors in the 68000 core I use...
  • Now lagging entire VRAM (CPS2). This fixes some layer/palette errors.
  • Various CPS1 fixes:
    • Mercs 'dirt on the sprites' should be fixed.
    • Carrier Air Wing now works (still bugs).
    • The King of Dragons is now fully playable.
    • 1941 is now fully playable.
  • Added INI setting to control sound frequency.
  • Added INI setting to control sound playback.
  • Now compiled with Turbo68K Version 0.5.
  • New Alternate scanlines blitter. If you have a slower PC and are using scanlines, I recommend using those, since they should be quite faster.
  • New image blitters : 2xSai, Super2xSai, Eagle.
  • New resolution settings in INI for normal mode.
The new version can be found at the Kawaks homepage.

Barry Rodewald ( homepage ) updated his Qsound player to version 1.4.3 allowing one to hear music from the few CPS-1 games that used Qsound. Grab the new version from our downloads page.

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