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News from July 2000

I would personally like to thank all the people who sent in money donations to help us buy new hardware. Thanks to these donations we now have an EPROM emulator which is being used on a CPS-2 game board as I speak.
Head over to the WIP page and read the new progress already made using this new hardware.

I've made a few changes to our gamelist page making it allot better. Also resolved is that Explorer 5.5 problem I mentioned the other day. If you haven't visited the page for a while give it a try, there lots of info there.

Barry Rodewald has updated his WIN32 Qsound player to version 1.3.6 which can now play even more tunes.
Download Qplayer 1.3.6

Also updated is the Marvel Vs. Capcom English manual with the new scans by Strider ( Cybercade ).

I have made some small html changes to our pages here at CPS2shock clearing a graphics issue when using Netscape under Windows2000.
There is still a problem on the gamelist page when using Explorer 5.5 though. Images are being reloaded after a popup window is closed. Weird seeing they have already been cached by the browser.

The Callus95Patch Team is happy to see they won't have to write a RainePatch, thanks to Antiriad's decision to release the Raine source code. Well Done Richard.

Two more manuals have been updated with better quality versions thanks to our friend Strider again. Manuals are; Alien Vs. Predator (English) and DarkStalkers (English). The manuals can be downloaded from our gamelist page.

I have updated our Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo manual with one scanned by Strider of Cybercade.

Callus95 0.42 Patch 2.3 released !!!
New Additions include:
  • More Qsound in Street Fighter Zero/Alpha.
  • Pang! 3 eeprom loading and saving.
Other options have also been added which will be sure to please a few people here and there.
New version available at The Callus95 Patch Homepage.

Two new DAT files created by LogiqX are now available from our downloads section which will check your CPS-2 ROM's using either CLRmame Pro or ROMcenter.

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