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News from June 2000

Mars Matrix the new CPS-2 game we mentioned a few months back has now been released in Japan. Going on this we have now added the game on our gamelist page along with some new screenshots for you to see.
I have also been passed info on another CPS-2 game in development ( reported on The Magic Box ).
'Capcom and Psikyo are co-developing a new CPS-2 arcade shooting game called 1944, this 2D vertical scroll shooter combines best elements from Capcom's popular 19XX and Psikyo's Striker 1945 series. Capcom will be handling character and graphic designs, while Psikyo will be doing the programming'.

New manual scans ( by Strider ) of Marvel Super Heroes are now online replacing the scans we already had.

Strider of Cybercade has been at it again and as a result the manuals for Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha are now available. Both can be downloaded from our gamelist page.

A new version of Callus95 0.42 Patch 2.2 is available for download which fixes the problem Win2K users have been experiencing. New DAT files created by LogiqX are also now available for the latest patch release.
Visit The Callus95 Patch Homepage to grab the files.

Callus95 0.42 Patch 2.2 released !!!
New Additions include:
  • CPS Changer Street Fighter Zero with Qsound!!!
  • Split merged ROM support!!!
There are lots of other changes so bee sure you read the included readme2.txt well if your having problems.
New version available at The Callus95 Patch Homepage.

You may want to check the Callus95 Patch Homepage for a new screenshot that has been put online ( here ).

We have hit the 200,000 visitor mark thanks to the click by PhrostByt. Let's hope we can break the encryption and get these CPS-2 babies emulated before 300,000.

You can now download DAT files to check your ROM's for the new Callus95 Patch from it's homepage ( here ). Thanks to that busy man LogiqX for supplying them.

Callus95 0.42 Patch 2.1 released !!!
New Games Added:
  • Pang! 3 (Euro, Mitchell)
  • Sangokushi 2 (Asia)
Fixes Include:
  • Pang! 3 loading and GFX problems some were experiencing should now be fixed. Please let us know if your still having problems.
  • Speech Samples in Forgotten Worlds / Lost Worlds now play at the correct speed.
  • The Qsound hack of Street Fighter 2 now plays samples correctly ("you win" sample for example).
You can grab this latest version from the Callus95 patch homepage, just follow the link below... Don't even think about asking us for the new Rom's in this version.

The Callus95 Patch Homepage

The Marvel Vs. Capcom marquee is now available for download on our gamelist page, also available is part of the Rockman 2 : The Power Fighters instruction sheets. Thanks to Cakewalker for supplying them.

The emulation scene seems to have been set alight after the arrival of screenshots showing Aliens Vs. Predator like the one below running on a PC based emulator.
Aliens Vs. Predator

Before you all go jumping up in the air saying CPS-2 emu CPS-2 emu let me sum what I know about these pictures from their origin, Wangy2...
    These pictures are not from a CPS-2 emu. They are pictures taken from a set of Aliens Vs. Predator ROM's that were dumped from what could be a bootleg board named CPS-1.5 by the dumper.
Whether this is true or not remains to be seen but in all honesty I have no reason to doubt this information.

The English manual and a marquee for Vampire Savior is now available for download on our gamelist page, thanks SKRUNCH for supplying them to us.
If you have any CPS-2 related material that can be added to our pages please drop us an email.

The English manual and some artwork for Dungeons and Dragons : Tower of Doom is now available our gamelist page. Praise go to Lancelot_ for supplying them.

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