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News from March 2000

Our game list page has been updated to include known cheats that were included with CPS-2 games. If you know any cheats not listed please let us know.
For those of you interested the hidden characters in Street Fighter Zero are also in the CPS Changer version which is playable in the Latest Callus95 patch ( here ).

Barry Rodewald has released a WIN32 Qsound player. This enables you to listen to music and game sounds in CPS-2 games if you own the ROM's. The DOS version is available for download from his page ( here ) and the new WIN32 version is available below.
Download Qplayer 1.3.3
Download Qplayer DAT Files

Our game list page has been updated again, this time to include six new manual scans of the following games.
  • Cyberbots
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom
  • Pocket Fighter
  • Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
Big thanks go out again to NAZ for scanning them.

Our game list page has been updated to include the new Capcom shooter Great Mahou Daisakusen / Dimahoo which was just released. Thanks NAZ for the news.

Callus95 0.42 Patch 1b released !!!
Fixed in this version:
  • Street Fighter Zero graphics problems are totally fixed and the floor line scroll (3d effect) is in too.
  • Button 5 and 6 in Street Fighter Zero now work correctly during net play.
  • Player graphics in 'Tenchi wo Kurau II' are fixed.
Some of you have also pointed out that there were a few errors in the CLRmame Pro DAT file so a new version of that can also be downloaded below too.
Download Callus95 Patch 1b
Download fixed Callus95 Patch 1b DAT file

Grendal74 has also passed me a ROMcenter DAT file for this version of Callus95, grab it below if you use it.
Download ROMcenter Callus95 Patch 1b DAT file

Those of you with ROM questions etc. please note that allot of ROM names have changed from the original Callus95 version. To get a list of supported games with ROM names select the option 'write gamelist' from the menus and all new details will be saved to gamelist.txt
There has also been a small update to our W.I.P. page regarding the protection progress on CPS-2 games.

Callus95 0.42 Patch 1a released !!!
Net play fixed in this version. If you have never tried net play in Callus95 I suggest you give it a try, it's great and also works over a lan. Download the new version here.
Download Callus95 Patch 1a

In other news three new flyers have also been uploaded on our game list page including Armored Warriors, Night Warriors and Vampire Savior. Go and check them out.

Callus95 0.42 Patch 1 released !!!
This version supports 75 games which are mostly new clones, and some fixed dip settings etc. Street Fighter Zero is also in there with fully working buttons for those distressed by its removal from MAME. ROM names are also 100% MAME compatible (full merge only).
I must stress permission was granted to the author by Bloodlust Software to release it. We are also releasing a CLRmame Pro DAT file to go with it, get both below.
Download Callus95 Patch 1
Download the Callus95 Patch 1 DAT file

I now process a fully working CPS-2 setup which means our decrypting work can continue which is good news. An EPROM programmer is still needed but there are things we can now try while pennies are raised to buy one.
Also completed and added is the wiring info for building your own JAMMA test rig ( here ).

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