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News from January 2006


More CPS-2 algo related news.
Nicola Salmoria of MAME has reported on his blog some progress in understanding the CPS2 algo. He has managed to shrink the current 8gig table of SFZ down to 4gig. This is the first breakthrough in understanding the encryption used. For more information visit his blog.


UNIVERSE BIOS v2.2 released
For those that have missed it a new version of the Universe Bios was released yesturday. Visit the UNIVERSE BIOS Homepage for more information.


Just a quick mention that I have updated the included readme with the CPS2 Suicide Tester I released a couple of days ago. The actual program remains the same.


New CPS-2 algo related discovery.
While playing around coding on a dead CPS-2 board I have today I found that the encryption algo is still fully in place even after the CPS-2 board has suicided. That said, on examining values the number do not match those of the expected game. This almost certainly confirms that their is only _one_ algo over all CPS-2 games with the only difference being key data (like Kabuki on CPS-1).
I passed some test code onto Charles MacDonald so that he can check the values he gets there (on his dead SFA3 board). Those should match what I see here and to be honest it looks just a formality. When you consider the watchdog on a suicide board is 0xFFFF,0xFFFF,0xFFFF (example opcode, CMPI.L #$FFFFFFFF,$FFFF0000) everything starts to make sence.
There was a big debate over this going back to when we first broke past the protection. The worry voiced by some DEVs was that all boards would be needed again to get the algo for each game. This new discovery certainly confirms that once the algo is known for one game all the others can be brute forced using the XOR tables.
As for figuring out the algo itsself whats needed now is a complete dump of tables (8gig) of the algo executing in this default state. Using this the algo should be easier to understand because any key data used for math should be 0xFFFF. I have quickly dumped a complete table for a couple of addresses and while it still looks a mess there are certinally more patterns compared to a normal game.
I've got word back from Charles and after some work (over irc) he has managed to get the same data I was seeing. This basically confirms what I mentioned above.
There were some initial problems with his transfer system (which is far superior to mine) giving different results. It turned out that at some point during the process the protected RAM was being reprogrammed!!! The exact way this is happening is not yet known but it opens up some large posibilities if the cause can be found and understood. This situation did not happen when he was dumping games that were non suicide.
It currently looks like there is no way to get a full 8gig table because the protected region in a suicide state seems to be only 0x10000 bytes where a complete table covers 0x20000 bytes. Hopefully we can get around this.


CPS2 Suicide Tester
I have written a small tool that can be programmed onto EPROM and used to test if a CPS2 board has suicided. You can download this from our downloads page.
Suicide CPS2 Game Board Tester

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