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The CPS-2 Related Links Page.

CPS-2 Emulator Links
Kawaks Homepage
Homepage of Kawaks which is one of the fastest CPS-2 emu's out there with the bonus of full CPS-1 emulation.

Nebula Homepage
Homepage of Nebula, the CPS 1 and 2 emulator with a GUI similar to NeorageX, many love this emulator.

FinalBurn Alpha Homepage
Homepage of the FinalBurnAlpha team which continue releases of FinalBurn after Dayvee stopped work on it and released the source code.

FinalBurn Homepage
Official Homepage of the CPS-2 emulator FinalBurn which was the first ever released CPS-2 emulator.

Calice Homepage
Homepage of another good CPS 1 and 2 emulator Calice.

A.C.E. Homepage
Homepage of A.C.E. (Another Capcom Emulator).

CPS-2 Related Links
NAZ's Homepage
Home of NAZ, creator of the CPS-2 FAQ. NAZ is also known for his ROM dumping activities.

Kashi's CPS-2 Page
Another good CPS-2 site which also has manuals and some artwork available for download.

Shin Gouki's CPS-2 Universe
Lots of info here including the Capcom Changer System.

Xacrows Homepage
Excellent list of CPS-2 games including screenshots.

KATO Kaillera Tournament
Site dedicated to Kaillera tournament matches.

CPS2 Edge
FinalBurn save states, with the odd dash of humor.

M.A.M.E. ROM Links
Lots of good ROM links here including CPS-2.

Lots of stuff here including CPS-2 ROM's.

JAMMA Related Links
Happ Controls
The best place on the net to buy parts for building your own JAMMA rig, I used them for the unit I built.

Mas Systems
You can purchase a pre built JAMMA (supergun) from these guys if your not able to build your own.

HGA (Home Arcade System)
You can buy a pre built JAMMA from these guys also.

NAMCOS Supergun Page
If you want a compact JAMMA rig I suggest you take a look at this one built by NAMCO.

JAMMA pinout information
Simple page with all the JAMMA pinouts clearly listed.

Other Sites
Another project of mine related to NeoGeo. Owners of MVS hardware will like this bios replacement.

Callus95 Patch Homepage
Official page to the excellent Callus95 patch which allows extra games to be played in Sardu's Emulator.

Your one stop emulation site. Go here for all the latest gossip from the emulation scene.

Barry Rodewald's Homepage
Home to the Qsound player by Barry Rodewald.

The site that brings humour back into emulation.

The Arcade Flyer Archive
An excellent resource for arcade flyers. They also do flyer packs for both RAINE and MAME.

LogiqX's Homepage
Get DAT files for CLRmame and ROMcenter here.

The Dead Battery Society
Contains information on getting dead CPS-1 boards working after the battery has died.

Nice site with lots of arcade related material including manuals, marquee and flyer scans. Well worth a visit.

An excellent site that maintains a database of all known arcade games (video) sorted in many different ways.

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