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Building a JAMMA Test Rig Information.

STEP 1, cutting the wood into sizes needed.  

The best way to cut out the wood is as shown below with the grain running from the top of the wood to the bottom. Once cut label the wood pieces to the names in grey.
Diagram One.

Take the four pieces labeled 'side' and using the outside edge of a blank ID tags mark around the outer circle to round off one corner. If you did not get the parts as listed the radius is 18mm, look below if you are stuck.
Diagram Two.

Remove that corner on each of the four pieces to leave one corner round, once done pieces will look like this.
Diagram Three.

Now do the same with the two pieces labeled 'top' but this time remove two corners which are length opposite. When finished the two pieces will look like this.
Diagram Four.

All that is left to do now is to separate all the wood into two piles, that's one pile for each joystick.

STEP 2, lining up pieces & general markers.  

Using one pile of wood only, place the pieces as shown in the diagram below on a flat surface. The piece labeled 'top' is not needed at this point.
Diagram Five.

Now lift and turn all 4 outer pieces inwards by 90 degrees to make sides around the piece labeled 'bottom', look at the next diagram if you not sure what I mean.
Diagram Six.

At this point make sure everything fits together flush, if not sand or plain the wood in question until it does. Now draw around all the inside edges and lay the four pieces back down, it will look like this diagram once done.
Diagram Seven.

Now turn both side pieces so they match against the back piece flush. Bottom & front pieces are no longer needed at this point, look at the next diagram if your not sure.
Diagram Eight.

Draw a straight line across all three pieces using the lines that show where the front piece sat as pointers. Draw another line 16.5mm above that, this leaves the three pieces looking like the diagram below.
Diagram Nine.

Once finished repeat this step on the other pile of wood you have. Make sure you do to mix wood between piles as this could lead to wood not fitting correctly later.

STEP 3, drilling and building.  

Look carefully at the next three diagrams.
Diagram Ten.

Diagram Eveven.

Diagram Twelve.

All the green crosses need to be drilled through with a 4mm diameter drill bit except the one 2cm above the others in the piece marked 'back'. This hole needs to be 8mm. Make sure to drill in the middle of the grey lines and edges, being one sided can cause wood to split later.
Once you have drilled the necessary wood in both piles you can start to assemble. First lay the pieces from one pile out as shown below on a flat surface and glue in the places marked orange, do not put glue in the drill holes.
Diagram Thirteen.

Now assemble the pieces as we did before making any adjustments to get everything flush. Do the same with both piles of wood and once done leave to dry.
When dry use screws to tighten it all together by first putting a little glue in a drill hole, then use a screw and tighten. This will give extra strength to your joystick.

STEP 4, adding the top.  

First make sure the piece labeled 'top' fits as it should, if not sand or plain the wood until it does. Look at the next diagram to see how it fits, outlined orange.
Diagram Fourteen.

Now It's time to mark where all the buttons & stick go, remember if you are using different parts measurements may change. The layout I chose is below though you can change it if required to suit your needs.
Diagram Fithteen.

Once you have marked out all nine drill points you can use a 30mm diameter drill bit to make the holes. Some of you won't have this so use a compass to outline each hole with a radius of 15mm. Use the biggest drill bit you can and make as many holes inside each circle as you can, then use a jigsaw, hacksaw, file or hammer & chisel to remove the rest. Once done make sure the buttons fit into all the holes, even the hole used by the joystick.
Take the piece of joystick that's going to be hidden on the inside of the case and center it up over the hole its to be fitted under. Make sure joystick casing is lined up long ways if its not square and once centered mark out the four holes already in the casing, look below.
Diagram Sixteen.

Finally remove the joystick away and drill the four holes through with a 5mm drill bit. Once finished repeat step four with the other top piece.

STEP 5, final assembly.  

The first thing you need to do is print out the following diagram to its actual size, this is for the ID tags.
Diagram Seventeen.

Once the print is dry use one ID tag as a template to cut around the shapes and center circles of your print.
Now attach the parts to both the top boards, everything goes in the following places if you can't work it out.
Diagram Eighteen.

Now is the time to add all the wiring to the sticks. First cut the 4 meter cable into two 2 meter strips (one for each joystick) and thread one end through the hole in the back panel. Solder the wiring as follows using a 15 pin Male D-TYPE connector at one end and the points labeled 'N.O.' or 'Normally Open' on the joystick and buttons micro switches at the other. Be sure not to solder the joystick points the wrong way round, check by moving the stick to see which micro switch is which.
Action Button 1
Action Button 2
Action Button 3
Action Button 4
Action Button 5
Action Button 6
Insert Coin Button
Start Button
Joystick Up
Joystick Down
Joystick Left
Joystick Right
Not Connected
Not Connected
Ground (common)

The common pin (15) needs to be connected to every common point on every joystick and button micro switch. Do this by first soldering it to button 1, then using a small piece of wire solder from button 1 to button 2. Do the same from button 2 to button 3 and continue until all 'common' points are connected in a serial manner.
Don't forget to use the D-TYPE casing to protect the outside end of the lead. Also wrap tape around the cable on the inside to act as a stopper, this will stop the cable being tugged from the outside breaking solder points.
Once done you can attach the top pieces to their boxes. Don't use glue as this is the way to open the box if parts break. Screw in the final screws to hold it all together and now its almost finished.
Now go around the entire boxes erasing any pencil marks that show, this leaves the final job which is adding the black tape. Basically cover all places where the wood thickness shows, once on carefully slice off with a sharp knife any overhanging tape.

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